Rich customers are the interesting part to be observed because their existence keeps increasing and dominates deposit portion in various banks. Indonesian rich people are estimated to increase 99 percent in 2017 to around 207 thousand people. Currently, Indonesia has 104 thousand rich people. The 2017's estimation, according to Global Wealth Report, will place Indonesia as one of five countries with the highest growth of rich people besides Brazil, Russia, Malay, and Poland.

Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) recorded that the total banking deposit in December 2011 reached IDR 1,258.12 trillion from 2.95 million accounts. The total deposit increased 15 percent than in December 2010. The data from LPS stated that deposit growth in over-IDR 5 billion nominal segment reached 4.65 percent in the previous month or around IDR 1,159.39 trillion.

Managed fund growth from premium customers in several banks keeps showing significant growth. Even in 2011, Mandiri had exclusive customer managed fund of IDR 92.07 trillion from prioritized customers with minimum deposit IDR 500 million.

On the other hand, until the end of 2012, BNI's premium customers reached 13 thousand people. They, who are called BNI's Emerald customers, had minimum IDR 1 billion deposits. BNI recorded the managed fund growth of wealth management increased 21 percent along 2012 to IDR 23 trillion than in the last year. While rich customers' managed fund in bank NISP reached IDR 27 trillion or increased 92 percent from IDR 14 trillion at the end of 2011. Rich customers' managed fund in Bank ANZ reaches IDR 15 trillion this year. From its 2,500 rich customers, ANZ is upbeat that it can increase its amount until six times more in 2014.

The illustration shows great business opportunity of wealth management developed through investment-based service type and strengthens its IT support. Considering the opportunity, core banking solutions development will never stop for sure. Moreover, special service like helitaxi, lounge area, or investment-based insurance protection developed by banks for their rich customers keeps continuing because it is not only for business and profit, but also for the perception that customers will always be a king for banks.

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