What We Do

Our services focus on delivering spesific information to meet your business requirements. We collect data, gather resources, interview key people, build analysis in a spesific issue required. Prior to these activities, our experts will help you define your Collection List in order to understand the complexities of your business requirements. Only based on this CL, we will utilize our resources to meet your business requirements.


Various and comprehensive information is provided to meet your needs over the latest information.


All aspects of Indonesia, a maritime country having around 13,466 islands, are important and interesting references for people to see Indonesia thoroughly.

Business and Investment

Indonesia targeting economic growth up to 7% with dynamic market becomes an interesting news to note.

Social Media

As a country with 70 million social media users, Indonesian netizens’ opinion on their time lines becomes one of interesting and important references to be provided. Opinion in social media currently becomes benchmarks for trending issues.


The data from various primary sources are our analysis report bases, either in security, economy, or maritime. Your business development is one of the priority purposes of our analyses.


Various potentials of a maritime country especially related to local or regional strategic industry potentials are provided in a comprehensive form as a reference to develop or to integrate significant sectors.

Business dan Investment

We do an analysis of all aspects research, starting from corporations, individual, group and networking that pertaining to a particular business or an activity in economics and politics.

Social Media

Indonesia is the topmost country in Asia actively using time lines so it becomes one of references to create opinion.

  • Snapshot : We will provide various opinions about how an issue affects society’s behavior.
  • Trending Topic : We will provide various trending topics and its effects for business, security, and investment sectors.


We provide comprehensive reports comprising:

  • Business Report
  • Insight
  • Outlook
  • Graphical Data
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